Enjoy the Softness of Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi Icecream is not as familiar as other ice cream such as Yogurt Icecream but after you try it once, you cannot resist its addictiveness. Mochi is originated from Japan and it is a rice cake made of mochigome or a short grain japonica glutinous rice. The rice cake covering the ice-cream is chewy and soft and inside the chewy cover, ice cream melts in the mouth.


Rather than original red bean paste inside the original Mochi, Mochi Ice-cream has flavored ice-cream inside the rice cake. You can find this ice-cream in many grocery markets such as Trader Joes, Whole Food Market and international grocery stores. In addition, many Japanese restaurants carry Mochi Ice-cream as a dessert menu and these are some places you can enjoy this great tasting Ice-cream: Tono Sushi, I-Thai Restaurant and Sushi Bar, Umi Japanese Cuisine, Sakuramen. These restaurants are located near George Washington University Usually there are three to five flavors associated, which are green Tea, ginger, read bean, mango, vanilla, and strawberry.


There are many restaurants and cafes in the suburban area of D.C. that carry this amazing little piece of ice-cream. The picture was taken in Soricha Café located in Annandale and this café is quite unique. The store theme is traditional Korea and stepping inside the store you will feel the antique and classical atmosphere. They serve many Korean traditional teas, waffle, and these Mochi ice creams. These ice-creams cost around $5 and there is green tea, chocolate, strawberry and mango flavors. Another place that serve Mochi Ice cream is Miso Fusion Café and it is also located in Annandale. The restaurant serves Korean and Japanese cuisine and there are few ice cream selections for dessert. They have regular vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry ice cream as well as Mochi Ice-cream. Many restaurants menu do not have Mochi Ice-cream so you need to explore restaurants to get these ice-creams. However, I will tell you that most of the Japanese restaurant carry these amazing and chewy ice-creams.


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