About us

Thinking of skipping dessert? Think again. We’re turning the tables on the usual dining experience and putting dessert in the spotlight. From ice cream, cupcakes and macaroons to food trucks and top dessert menus at restaurants across Washington DC, District Desserts brings you the most decadent and delicious local dessert spots week after week.

Meet the Authors

Jamie Herschmann

Jamie has dessert in her DNA. She is a chocolate connoisseur and your go-to for gluten free sweets.

Alexa Kudish

Alexa’s love for food comes alive in her snapchat stories. She is frequently seen out to dinner with her camera snapping away to get that perfect picture. Alexa’s best friends and family know that the way to her heart is through cheesecake or practically any dessert for that matter. She is so excited to share her sweet tooth with the world and blog about her favorite DistrictDesserts!

Kelly Park

Kelly loves trying out desserts. When she travels, her pictures are full of foods. She uses instagram to post pictures and express her obsession to desserts. Bubble tea is the best dessert for her to pick up and go.

Bianca D’Ambrosia

Bianca lives for the perfect Instagram pic of a   note worthy dessert. From ice cream to souffles, her love for confections is known by all of her friends and family. Bianca loves trying new desserts in the places she travels, and has become an expert on the D.C. dessert scene. She cannot wait to share her sweet knowledge with everyone on DistrictDesserts!

Annalea Soudry-Maurer

Annalea’s love for desserts comes from her upbringing in her hometown of Paris. Crepes, pastries, and macaroons are among her favorites to indulge in, but she’ll never shy away from trying something new on the dessert menu. She can’t wait to share her DC dessert experiences with you on DistrictDesserts!


Disclaimer: We are a group of undergraduate students at the George Washington University. We created this blog as a team project for one of our classes. Any views or opinions presented in this blog are solely those of the authors and do not necessarily represent those of the George Washington University.